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Banks and insurance companies emerged as major buyers of U.S. state and local government bondsover the last seven years by adding $415 billion to their holdings, leaving them with their largest share of the market since the late 1980s, according to Federal Reserve Board data. While the details, timing and scope of Trumps plans havent taken shape, hes made it a priority to lower corporate tax rates -- a step that would weaken demand for municipals, which are a draw because the interest payments are tax exempt. "The corporate tax cut is probably the most realistic near-term threat to the market," said Mikhail Foux,head of municipal strategy at Barclays Plc. The rollback could cause the price of municipal bonds to underperform other assets and increase costs to governments that rely on them to finance public works. Such concerns, though, have largely taken a back seat since Trumps election, with state and local debt outperforming Treasuries amid speculation that his tax and spending plans will stoke the economy and further increase interest rates. The ability of Trump to act swiftly on his agenda, however, been cast into doubt by the failure of his effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and his mixed signals on tax reform are vexing Republican hopes of achieving consensus. The House Republican blueprint endorsed by Speaker Paul Ryan envisions a 20 percent "border-adjusted" corporate tax rate that applies to domestic sales and imports, while exempting exports. Trump has floated a corporate tax rate as low as 15 percent, without specifying how or if the cost of doing so would be offset by other changes. So far, no action has been taken in Congress. Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, a Ryan ally who chairs the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, reiterated on Thursday his commitment to action on a bill this spring, while key Senate Republicans, including Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, have questioned on the prospects of passing permanent tax changes without Democratic support. Any cut to the tax rate could sap demand for tax-exempt securities from businesses. While highly rated 10-year municipals would still provide a better after-tax yield than comparable corporate debt if the rate were cut to 25 percent, that wouldnt be the case if it were reduced to 20 percent, according to Matt Caggiano, who helps oversee more than $9 billion of municipals from insurance companies at Deutsche Bank AG . For banks,their sweet spot are bonds due in 15 to 20 years, which otherwise have no natural buyers since retail investors prefer shorter maturities, said Foux, the Barclays analyst. Should banks scale back their purchases, that part of the curve would be most affected. Insurers also gravitate toward longer-dated bonds. Property and casualty insurers have already started selling some securities and letting others mature without replacing them, said Foux and Caggiano. Your cheat sheet on life, in one weekly email.

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