The end of an era: Slaven Bilic believes Arsene Wenger will be the last long-term manager: Getty Images The Frenchman's future is the object of furious speculation as another season of under-achievement looms, and Bilic believes he occupies a unique position in the game. "It is difficult today. You cannot plan long term now in today's business. No way. Those days are over," Bilic said. "Nobody can now say that he will stay at a club for 20 years. You may say you would like to, but it is definitely more unlikely that you will survive 20 years. "Unless you buy a club, maybe, but even then you cannot do it because the fans will protest if a season is no good. "You have Alex Ferguson, Wenger, and David Moyes at Everton. After that we are talking about four years." The rival managers will lock horns in Wednesday's London derby and Bilic is only too aware of the pressure Wenger is under after receiving a vote of confidence from West Ham's board in the wake of four straight defeats. "Make no mistake, that need for instant success is everywhere. It is everywhere, in every league," Bilic said. "That is only the reflection of life. Football is also a reflection of life. People and individuals want instant success. "Before people were planning long term. In 20 years we are going to buy a house, in three years we will buy a car. "Now because of this fast-living it is different even there. People want this, they want that.

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