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General Electric Company (GE) Stock Is a Buy at Last InvestorPlace 3 days ago Chris Tyler General Electric Company (NYSE: GE ) looks ready, both off and on the price chart, to bring good things to life for investors. But for those interested in getting long GE stock, a collar strategy offers a really great deal. Let me explain. Provided by InvestorPlace General Electric Company (GE) Stock Is a Buy at Last Source: Shutterstock +0.07% Much like the Commander in Chief, GE stock obviously has its doubters in the respect department. For shareholders of General Electric that has amounted to a fairly punitive gain of just 2.25% compared to the S&P 500s 10% increase since Trump won the election back in November. So whats behind GE stocks relative underperformance? It could be a couple of factors: Some recent cautious commentary at InvestorPlace cited a lack of an oomph factor, the companys Baker Hughes acquisition as a non-starter and weak earnings power in the near term. Still,General Electric is far from a disaster. There is the companys steady and consistent dividend that pays investors an above-market 3.2%. Also, love him or hate him, the Trumps energy agenda and infrastructure initiatives , coupled with firming global economic trend, should impact GE stocks top and bottom lines in a positive manner.GE investors also have a nice starting spot to consider buying shares. The 7 Best Retirement Stocks That No One Talks About Off the chart, a reasonable, below-market forward multiple of 16 times earnings and shares priced at just over two times sales are factors to consider.And now, on the price chart, a Wall Street punching bag is looking friendlier to investors interested in buying GE stock at advantageous levels. GE Stock Weekly Chart Provided by InvestorPlace Click to Enlarge From its late 2013 post financial crisis highs, GE stock hasnt exactly soared in tandem with the broader market. That could be taken as a warning, but I personally view the action as a positive. For the reasons cited earlier and now on the GE price chart, a rotation into shares and a period of relative strength could be nearby. Looking at the provided weekly chart of GE stock, over the past year and one-half and since staging a massive technical breakout, key support has held. Thats good news for bullish investors. The initial testing of support in early 2016 could be best described as a sloppy hold, but dont hold that against GE stock. A second and cleaner challenge in October of last year lends itself to the idea buyers are now more confident in purchasing GE. Thats also a positive development for owning General Electric shares. More recent, GE stock has established a smaller double bottom that coincides with shares revisiting the pre-Trump election win levels.

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