But the reality has turned out differently. For many insurers we examined, premiums were high for everyone within the city of Chicago, regardless of risk, compared with the rest of the state. Since Chicago contains one-third of the states minority neighborhoods, that means they are still being overcharged. And even within Chicago, the law has not prohibited insurers from differentiating prices by neighborhood. Thats because the single-territory rule is limited to bodily injury coverage; rates for property damage can still vary. (Both bodily injury and property damage coverage are mandatory for drivers to purchase in Illinois.) View photos Consider the premiums that Geico charges to Otis Nash and Ryan Hedges. In Nashs zip code, 60612, Geico has set the base rate for property damage insurance at $753 a year, according to the companys December 2016 rate filing in Illinois. Thats eight times higher than what Illinois insurers have paid out in property damage claims in that zip codean average of $91.57 per car in the three years ending in 2014, according to data from the state insurance commission. By comparison, in Hedges neighborhood, 60657, Geico has set the base rate for property damage insurance at $376 a year, according to the same filing. Thats half of the Geico base rate in Nashs neighborhood. Its also only about four times higher than what Illinois insurers have paid out in property damage claims in Hedges zip codean average of $104.45 per car over the same period. Of course, Geicos calculations could reflect the unique risk of the insurers own clientele that is somehow not reflected in the state averages. But it could also reflect a disparity, unrelated to risk, that punishes a minority neighborhood. Either way, the $377 disparity between property damage base rates accounts for the majority of the difference in liability premiums paid by Nash and Hedges. The base rate is adjusted by other factors such as age and driving record. Both Nash and Hedges have about the same amount of property damage coverage for their vehicles. Despite scraping to make ends meet, Nash bought collision, comprehensive, and liability, as well as rental reimbursement, emergency road service, and uninsured motorist coverage. I got everything, he said, because you hear so many horror stories. Hes dependent on his car. He needs it to go to work, to shop for groceries now that the local pharmacy closed in his neighborhood and the dollar store burned down, and to take his 7-year-old daughter out to the suburbs where she can ride her bicycle in a park that is safe from crime. I dont even walk up and down the block with my daughter, Nash said, adding that its not unusual in the summer to hear gunshots during the day. Nash said he is working with a financial adviser to cut back his expenses so he can make his rent payments.

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